Coral Snakes

There are over 65 different species of Coral Snakes in the world. These 65 species are divided in two groups, the New World Coral Snakes and the Old World Calliophois Snakes. These snakes are the second most venomous in North America only to the Rattle Snake. Luck for us, the Coral Snake often will almost always flee when it encounters a human. They also have relatively short fangs that cannot penetrate many fabrics including leather.  If you are bitten though you should seek medical attention immediately.  

As you can see Coral Snakes have red, yellow, white or black colored bands that cover their bodies. They are often mistaken for the King Snake which has a very similar coloration. Most species of Coral Snakes reach about 3' in length, but they have been reported to grow over 5' on occasion. There are aquatic versions of Coral Snakes that have developed a flat tail that act as a fin on a fish.  You can learn more about the Coral Snake in the video below...  

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